Under contemparary globalization, as a natural consequence labor markets have become increasingly integrated. In this manner, emerging markets and developing countries organized the new labor migration policies rapidly. Moreover, the existing ones have been re-organized. The only purpose of these changes is managing international labor mobility more effectively and easily.

In 2003, Turkey has regulated the rules and principles to cope with the employment of foreign workers. Due to control foreign labor immigration, Turkey has reformed a new system which is setting a framework of the foreign labor.

The lawmaker has specified the details of principles related Foreign Direct Invesment (“FDI”) in FDI Law which is numbered 4875 and dated 17.06.2003. As stated in article 3, foreign personal working permits are issued by Ministry of Labor and Social Security for foreign personel to be employed in the companies, branches and entities established within the scope of FDI Law. In the purpose of centralization of work permits system under one code ‘Law no: 4817 on Work Permits of Foreigners’ was originally enacted on 27th February 2003, as the principal legislation in controlling entry of foreign nationals in the Turkish labor market. Also, this sub-paragraph (g) has stated the specific law which the key foreign personal is subjected to.

As stated in sub-paragraph (g) of Article 3, “Provisions stipulated in Article 14, paragraph 1, sub-paragraph (b) of Law No. 4817 will not be applicable to personnel to be employed within the context of this Regulation. The conditions under which the provisions stipulated in paragraph 1 of Article 13 of Law No. 4817 are to be applied to key foreign personnel employed will be specified in the Regulation.”

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